The Agents for Citizen-Driven Transformation (ACT) programme continues…

Civic Action, Sustanable Communities - The Agents for Citizen-Driven Transformation (ACT) programme continues... - 1659455503 499 The Agents for Citizen Driven Transformation ACT programme continues

The Agents for Citizen-Driven Transformation (ACT) programme continues to strategically strengthen the Capacity Development Providers (CDPs) that work to facilitate delivery of the programme’s results. A one-day learning event organised by ACT exposed the CDPs to the Promoting Local Response Capacity and Partnership (PLRCAP), an initiative of the Nigeria International Non-Governmental Organisation (NINGO) forum. The event, held in Abuja on 26th July 2022, helped to create linkage between the CDPs and the NINGO and to map out strategies for collaboration.

CDPs represented at the event include Cloneshouse, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Aminu Kano Centre for Democratic Research and Training, Mambayya House, The Education Partnership (TEP) Centre, Tom Associates, American University of Nigeria, University of Benin Observatory Centre, ICentra, Centre for Management and Development (CMD) and Women Aid Collective (WACOL).

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