ACT CSO Feature: The many layers of SDGBV as women, girls in Borno remain under siege

As more awareness is created around Sexual, Domestic and Gender-based Violence (SDGBV), especially in the cities and urban areas; girls and women in many rural and hard-to-reach communities in conflict-afflicted areas are still suffering acute sexual and gender-based violence, most of which is under-mentioned and often go unreported.

In Borno state, girls often exchange sex for food, are forced into marriages for money and food and are stigmatized and ostracized when they seek help.

Aisha (not her real name) is a six-year-old girl living with her grandmother in Maiduguri. Orphaned a few years ago, she was brutally raped by her landlord’s son but her grandmother is afraid to report it because she does not want to be ejected from the house where they live.

Housing is extremely scarce and expensive in Maiduguri and has been made worse by the insurgency as most people have fled the other local government areas into the state’s capital, where there is a bit of security.

Aisha’s case is not peculiar as young girls and now boys, are raped and molested at will in exchange for food, a place to stay or for no reason at all in conflict-ravaged Maiduguri.

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