CSO partner to empower youths in Kano State

The Youth and Environmental Development Association (YEDA) is benefiting from a grant from the Agents for Citizen-driven Transformation (ACT) programme to empower youths in Kano state. 

The project will provide economic empowerment for youths through TVET training for 67 youth aged 18-35 years of age (both male and female). Beneficiaries will include youth who are out-of-school, unemployed, migrants, persons with disabilities, widows, divorcees, caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children, and single parents. 

YEDA organised a press conference to launch the project, create public awareness, and solicit support from stakeholders. Over 40 participants from the media, CSOs and MDAs were in attendance.

The project intends to contribute to reducing poverty, hunger, economic inequalities, and gender-based violence, promoting domestic/communal peace, access to education, nutrition, shelter, and livelihoods. 


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