CDPs Outline Strategies for Sustainability and Civic Action Learning

On June 6, 2023, the ACT programme hosted a crucial meeting for capacity development providers (CDPs) to discuss ways to engage more CSOs with learning and preserve the learning for civil society organisations as they expand and reach a wider audience. This was done in accordance with the ACT programme’s goal of building the capacity for CSOs to improve civil society participation that strengthens service delivery and advocacy towards achieving intended transformations.

Representatives from several CDPs, including I-centra, tech experience, WACOL, Mambayya, CMD, UniBen, and TechXperience, were present at the meeting. It featured a variety of sessions, from knowledge management and communication to monitoring and tracking of the civic action learning platform to the proposal of an agreement between the CDPs in attendance.

The civic action eLearning platform is an online learning resource that was made available to CSOs, researchers, and other key players earlier this year. It serves as a functional learning platform for the Nigerian civil society sector in addition to other learning resources for CSO capacity building.

“We are looking beyond this into collaboration and how each of us will integrate the civic action learning platform into our organisations”. 

 Goodness Ibangah, WACOL


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